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I’m Still In Love With My Ex – 7 Tips To Handle Being In Love With Your Ex April 2, 2009

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If you’re saying “I’m still in love with my ex,” but you feel like it’s finally over for good, then you need to stop looking on dark side and think positively.  There are plenty of relationships that look as if they’re over, but the reality is that people find a way back together.

Before you launch into a full on attempt to win back your love, make sure your relationship is a relationship that should be saved!  Too often relationships that should remain dead are revived with dire consequences.

So ask yourself this: “did your relationship involve physical and or emotional abuse?”  If the answer is yes you need to accept that this kind of relationship is best left over with.  Instead work at restoring any eroded self-esteem and move on.

However, if your relationship was simply a falling out, misunderstanding or maybe a loss of trust then that is completely recoverable even if only one of you wants it, you just have to find the right course.

So You Still Love Your Ex?

Let’s take a look at some of things you should consider if you are still very much drawn to your ex.

1. What’s good about declaring “I still love my ex!” is you no doubt had a really strong relationship with your ex and if you feel that you’re still in love with them, then chances are they feel the same about you.

2. Provided some weeks have past, you should take a moment to call your ex and ask if you can have a talk with them.  Don’t make it sound as though you are begging and pleading for the meeting, just make it sound as casual as you can.

3. Arrange for the meeting to take place somewhere neutral where neither of you will be tempted to cause a scene or let your emotions take over.  If you are really seriously stating that “I am still in love with my ex” then you will need to take some time to figure out what you are going to say to get them back.

4. You don’t need to take notes, but you need to have it clear in your mind.  So be sure to take some time to figure out why you want your ex back.  Yes you’re still in love with them and that in itself is a good reason, but try and give your ex tangible reasons why they should take you back.

5. Talk about your dreams and aspirations and explain to them where you see them fitting into those dreams and aspirations, however don’t make the mistake of making your ex the be all and end all of your dreams.

6. Don’t put yourself in a position where if they don’t agree to the reconciliation that your dreams are ruined.  You don’t want to come across as needy and fixated, you just want your ex to know that there is a real place for them in your life.

7. You then need to give your ex the space to express themselves and you need to listen to what they say.  Do all of that and your declaration that “I’m still in love with ex” should give you a reciprocal answer from your ex.



1. Lisa - April 17, 2009

hi!!! my name is Lisa and i’m 17 years old. My exex boyfriend’s name is Jonathan. Okay… we were couple for like 3 months or 2 months something like that. And here’s story, we went out for 3 days and he dump me cuz he said we don’t kno each other whatever something like that. And we went back together, and we went out for 3 weeks and i dumped him. And he wants to back together again. So, we went back together. And at last year’s Homecoming, i found my number 3 boyfriend named Anthony.
And we were like holding hands, and Jon was like”Is he your boyfriend?” and i said to him”i guess, why? and are u mad at me or are u sad?” and something like that, he said he’s fine. But when i were together with my Anthony, he was like don’t you love me? honey… . And he asked me who i am gonna choose so i choose Anthony. And i dump him for Anthony.
The reason right now, i feel like i’m in still in love with Jon. Because he’s such a sweetie…and sometimes, he says your cute, adorable,so pretty.
Well… i kno that we’re just friends but i Actully feel this way…

Bob - January 24, 2010

Lisa, for the love of all that is good, please ask your English teacher for some extra lessons in spelling and grammar, that was truely painful to read. In my opinion, on/off relationships are rarely healthy and it really doesn’t seem either of you have particularly strong feelings for the other. Just move on.

Cindy - November 23, 2011

Lisa.tel jon wid subtle ways hw u feel. Den find out if he feels d same way.

james - December 13, 2011


Chucko - February 19, 2012

You’re 17, your relationships are meaningless right now. Shut up and stop being a whore.

elle - April 9, 2012

omg chucko smucko put ur claws back in the box …… lighten up asshole…..

2. lilly b - May 7, 2010

i think im in love with my ex bf…..im 12 and is name is ryan…..its just SO complicated and im dying we are bestestestestest friends but i cant deal with this and he is going into middle school next year and he said he is going to start up dating again then…i love him with all my heart and feel like i am going to die without him. dont think that this has been for a week, since january and this is may 2010. GOD HELP ME! I LOVE YOU RYAN!

Kylie - January 5, 2011

For one, Your 12 – you cant be in love. You only went out for 5ish months. Two, if you are friends why would you want to ruin your relationship if you broke up again? I went out with one of my best friends, we dated for 3 weeks.. It was the most akward time because before we went out we would hang out almost everyday, we would go camping together, and then when I broke up with him, we never had the same relationship as before and I miss that. Dont risk your relationship with him and honestly – if he’s a year older than you, He will find new girls in middle school and nothing will stop that. He obviously doesnt feel the same way about you if he told you hes going to date new girls in middle school.

Charly - July 6, 2011

you’re 12. you’re not in love.

3. Farah - August 5, 2010

My name is farah im from algeria im18 i feel like im In love with m’y ex boy f who i was with him 3 Years ago im In contact with him In few weeks he has a lot of plblms In thèse days i feel that he Is not In love with me today he send me a MSG hé told me that hes In lové with me but i dnt feel that Its true i dnt know what to do im so comfused

4. Jorden - September 4, 2010

Hello, My name is Jorden and I’m a 17 year old girl. I’m in a very sticky situation right now. A few months ago my school had an dance, and I was intending to go with the love of my life, Tad. But, before I could even ask him, another guy, Aaron, had asked me. I really wanted to know what it would be like to be with someone else. But it tore me up inside not to be near Tad when it was such a romantic evening. I hated myself for that. I dumped Aaron right after the dance, but I was too late.Tad had given up on me and he got a new girlfriend. Brieanna. She is 2 years younger than him..and she’s so much more immature than he is. But honestly I don’t see any spark in their relationship. Like Tad isn’t happy with her. I never see any sparkles in his eyes when he’s with her. I saw that sparkle in his eyes when he was with me. He was happy. And it’s that small fact that gives me hope of being with Tad again. But Tad always feels so comfortable around me, and he always wants to be around me. I don’t wanna break them up because I’m being selfish or anything. I’m Stuck. What should I do?

5. Alejandra - September 6, 2010

i’m 17 and i met my ex my first boyfriend freshman year, i hung out with him, at first he was a player but he fell for me first! and he changed for me, come the end of freshman year he asked me out and i said yes…we were together the whole summer and our sophmore year i’ll never forget, it was amazing, but then he started to change, he was an evangelist and we got into disussions of our religions (me being catholic and all) and one day he just ups and says that he didn’t feel a connection with me anymore, and it was a punch in the face, we got through it but later he stared being distant, so i decided it was best that we break up, and he had been thinking that too, so we broke up, i was so mad at him, he said the breakup had nothing to do with another girl, so i thought to myself, why would he say that if i never thought it…but w.e i got over it and we started talking again, 10th grade year finished and he said he was going to another school, so i never saw him again, adn now we’re talking again, but i still love him…and i don’t know if he feels the same…all i’m saying for advice, don’t get hung up on your freshman love…

6. unanimous - September 18, 2010

I am 19 years old and yes you named it ,”still in love with my ex”. Me and him dated for a year.. Throughout the relationship we budded heads alot, we got into a lot of arguments but would make up.. The last argument was the killer, and we had gone out for a year and been separated for two months.. However, our rendezvous nights were amazing when we casually met up.. Finally I had the courage to tell him I still love him, and I want to grow old with him.. I love him, he is my other half..He cried because he still has feelings for me too, he had a lot of doubt if our relationship could work again.. However, I assured him that he was the only one doubting it.. Cause if you love someone you are willing to sacrifice anything to be laying by that person next to you, to be cuddling and holding his hand. We finally agreed to take baby steps and see where it goes… So far so good, but it was just so great to know he still loved me too…I am in love, and I want him to be by my side forever.. I don’t want any man but him. Knowing you love someone is when you can’t be away from them for a day… Or how you miss their cuddles.. And soft sweet nothings that are whispered in your ear.. So yes ladies, if you love him..and you know he has feelings for you too… TELL HIM !!! Cause you will always think of him being the one who got away…

7. melissa - September 19, 2010

hi my name is melissa.dated dis guy for 2yrs n we broke up becos we were too caught up in our own stuff n didnt hav time fro us. a frend of mine who has had a crush on me since foreever finally had a chance.his been so sweet and all my family loves him.but me,i just think he is sweet and nice.well weve been dating for about 4 months now and he is always there for me no matter wat.he does stuff ma ex never had time to do.i dont ask for much cos its de lil things that means de world to me.but deep down i still love my ex.we talk and chat and all n honestly anytime i see his call comin thru i cant hellp smilin.i still luv him but i dont kno wat to do.i dont want to heart my new bf cos de whole family thinks he is “the one”.am confused.help.i dont want to marry the wrong person end end up cheatin.cos even now am cheatin on my new bf with my ex

8. T.k - October 10, 2010

Yea i know chic site..bt am in love with my ex too…we broke up 4 no reasn…n all i ave wantd ever since is jst her..pls help=(

Mina - October 29, 2010

Did you ever ask her what caused you to break up?Most relationships end due to a situation,wheather its from lack of communication,cheating,trust issues,most just because of differences you may have had im sure there was a reason.At times it helps if you ask questions,communicating with the person you love trying to find out whats going wrong most times will help you fix the problem.Sometimes you feel as though everything is ok,but the other person may be feeling different.Communication is very important in every relationship.Ive learned that from my own exprience i lacked communication with my ex i found out a lot now that we are just friends we tell each other everything ,even figured out whatwent wrong,and we found it was trust issues that could hae easily been worked out if we would have took the time out to talk about our relationship instead of watching it slowly fall apart well i hope i was some help,hope everything gets better for you(:cause i know feeling that way doesnt feel good at all

Skyler - December 17, 2011

if all that you want is her then ask her why you guys broke up take it from her, she might see it differntly then you do, talk to her and maybe you’ll start dating again no promises

9. Mina - October 29, 2010

Hi.My name is Mina and i was in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend for 9 mths,I know its not long but we were in love.He lives Across the street from me and so we got to spend a lot of time with each other.I still see him almost everyday when he walks by,but its always just a hey whats up and nothing more.It seems as if when hesees me he wantsto talk but doesnt know how i would react.I cant seemto find why i still love him?I am currently in a relationship with a nice guy i love him as well,hes the best bf a girl could eer want,but he has a kid already andsometimes i fear he will cheat on me with his ex.Many times i feeliwant my ex back,i lknowim not completely over him its been 10 long mths aince we haent been together but when we were i was pregnant with his child unfortunately i had a miscarriage that hurt me really bad,and now he has a child of his own seems like hes moved on why cant i feel that way?When i talk to him on the phone he tells me he still loves me,he dont know what happened to us i feel that he loves me too.When he sees my bf come around he gies him a dirty look,I know he doesnt like him.Ifeel as though he wants me back,im confused what should I do?Why do i still love him?

10. Confused - November 1, 2010

I think I love him. To be honest, I never told him that I loved him when we dated 2 years ago. But dating was simply the beginning of our relationship. When we broke up we continued being friends, which was difficult and we almost gave up a few times, but we pressed on. When I finally thought I had come to a place where I had no other feelings for him but friendship, he told me that he has a new summer job 5 minutes from where I live in the summertime, which baffled me because i live in the middle of nowhere! Anyway, we hung out all summer long and talked about our dreams, aspirations, everything. It was all the same. We want to live the same lifestyle, raise our kids the same way, etc.. Well, summer ended and now he is abroad studying Spanish in South America and we talk as often as we can. Though the question has not yet been brought up whether or not we should try to date again. I’m not so sure I want it to be either. This is where I am torn. I love him, I know this. But I’m not sure I’m ‘in love with him’ and I don’t know if I want to risk losing him to find out… I don’t know what i’d do without him.

11. Ntuane - February 1, 2011

hi!im am Ntuane nd 21 years,i hv been luv with my ex 4 da past 5 years and our relationship wz a distant one nd we would see each ada after smtyme,Ibroke up with da guy after some several talks,the guy had most of da tyme 4 himself and put me 2 be inda relationship alone,i wz da one who wil do ol da communications and arrage our meetings,one day durn da holdayz i wnt 2 da village wer he wz 4 a mnth but came like i went,we didnt c each ada coz he wl say he wz bzy smtmz cum back with no kiss 4rm him or a hug..He said to me babae gv me sum tyme i wil chnge bt nthn hapnd nd then pulled myself bak..Imz my EX very much nd think of him everyday,if he doesnt rply my sms or send me an sms i fil sad,i really cnt get ova him nd fil like askn him bak.during our broke up he askd me 4 sex nd i said YES!i knw he stil lovz me too coz yestrdy he asked if i had found guy..HE WZ MY 1st LOVER I REALLY LOVE DZ GUY PLZ HELP!i even put hz picture as screen saver 4 my laptop nd 4ne.

12. jocyl - February 18, 2011

just move on

13. Lynn - March 2, 2011

Hi, my name is Lynn and I’m definitely still in love with my ex. I’m also married so how do I deal with being in a marriage but think of my husband as just a friend while my mind is always focused on my ex, who is a woman.
Long story short 4 years ago my husband and I seperated. I ended up getting in a financial bind 2 yrs later and he helped me out. Meanwhile I was still dating my ex but didn’t let her know of my complications. Time went on and my husband an I got back together because he still wanted me but I felt as though I owed him something since he helped me out of my bind. Although I was still seeing my ex, she didn’t know I was back with my husband. My ex an I was together for 4 yrs and just recently broke up. Do to the fact that I’m busy with work and school. I really want her back and I’m ready to start a life with her and only her. Minus the fact that I need to get a divorce, how can I get the love of my life back?

For years I wanted my husband to not cheat and lie, now that I’ve found someone that has the qualities I’m looking for without all the drama, I don’t want to loose it. I know she still loves me, she tells me all the time. It’s something about us that just keeps bringing us back together.

14. CHERRY - March 8, 2011


15. rena - March 13, 2011

hey my name is rena !! well itz been a year since i broke up with my bf but im still in love with him! And our rltn stayed for like about 7 to 8 months! i have no idea how it hpnd we jst fell in luv with each other i cant remember if he even askd me in an inderct way to be with him ( we were kind of bst frndz)!but we met at the internet and i had some problems in my family i jst cldnt tell it to him i was afraid he might get worried abt me!! i rly love him !! and when we broke up he asked me to stay close to him and let him know abt wat was goin on with me!! Now we talk and smtimes he show me he cares and sometimes he doesnt!! i have no idea what to do !?! :S help!?

16. Ty Ler - April 10, 2011

My name is Tyler, 20, and I met my ex in junior high school. Going into sophomore year she broke up with one of my good friends and when I heard I called to “console” her. Had I known that single moment would alter the course of my young life I might have reconsidered, but here I am with a weathered heart and no one to give it to. We dated off and on from that summer until Senior year in high school when my jealousy and selfishness kicked in during our latest stretch. My hypothesis is that I broke up with her because it tore me up to see her even speak to another guy in her flirty demeanor. Also my love for her was so great that it felt generally one sided. I would by no means go off on her for talking to guys or anything like that but kept my pain silent. After graduation I made one final attempt to recapture our connection which resulted in us meeting up to ‘talk’. This began awkwardly but soon we were talking about our feelings and I kissed her. She resisted at first but then kissed me back. This relation epiphany seemed bullet-proof when I walked her out to her car and planted what would be known as our final kiss under the street lights. Soon enough she informed me that rekindling this would be too complicated before she left home for college and long distance relations seemed to her a long distant option. Two years later here I am searching google for “getting over your ex tips”. Jesus. Some days I will catch my self manufacturing elaborate memories that could have been or reliving moments that were. I love her so much and now my devotion is really being tested as I’ve heard she recently “hooked up” with my old best friend. I feel so sick when I think of this. And at this point my logical process has come full circle to the present and I still feel more lost than ever. Help!

17. Thy - April 14, 2011

I’m 25 and I broke up with my ex boyfriend a year and a day ago. I think about him EVERY single day. I feel like I can’t live with out him. When I picture my future having kids and settling down I see him in it. I don’t know what to do

18. rudy easley - April 20, 2011

ok guys…so my best friend told me something that really help me…I was crying and telling her how in love I am with my ex and she said what would you do if he came to your door right now and wanted to get back together…I replied I jump into his arm and we would make love and she replied really you could kiss him and love him the same way you did even after he abandon you after he put someone else over you…I thought about it and then she replied look you would only be happy for a little while and even when you got back together you wouldn’t be able to trust him (which he did break your heart so it would be normal not to trust him)I stood there dumbfounded she said I know your love meant so much to you…but it didn’t mean anything to him b/c if it didn’t he would have been there thru random girls,hard times,and anything that life had to throw at you my point is if you were dumped then they don’t deserve you and if you were the dumper then their’s a reason you dumped them!

19. anonymous - April 25, 2011

Im deeply in love with my ex girlfriend but i know things are over for good i was with her about 6 months and of course being a guy you dont like being tied up with a clingy girl to make matters worse she was almost trying to control everything i did it seemed as if she was watching me all the time she would find out everything i did everyday the people i talked to the places i went i couldnt deal with the pressure anymore so i had to end it she said she would change for me but i dont know if she was really going to change or be the same as she was so i was scared i didnt want to waste my time if she wasnt really going to change but now that i think about it i should have atleast given her a chance it would have been the same thing to do i brushed her off as if i never knew her i honestly forgot about her for a year then all of the sudden im just thinking one day thinking of everything that ive been through and everything ive done and realized i should have atleast tried to make it work with her just seeing her do the imature stupid things she does makes me wish i could have stayed with her and made her a better person i believe she was so caught up with me she tried making the feelings go away by doing stupid things talking to so many guys doing things with them even if she barley knew them just to make it stop but i guess it didnt stop im pretty sure shes still in love with me but theres no way for me to grow the courage to talk to her again because the things ive said about her to everyone was to cover up what i really thought about her but in time they covered it up so well that if i was to ever talk to her again i would never hear the end of it from anyone i would lose all my respect dignity friends the way people look at me and even if thats the only way i could get her back i dont think i would sacrafice all that just to be with her its been almost a year and a half and i dont know what she would be like now it might just be a lost cause and i might end up regreting it big time and i dont really want to end up with shit on both shoes if you understand where im coming from i honestly dont know what to do anymore i cannot stop thinking about her its almost like every minute of my life i think about her everytime im outside and cars pass me by i always think to myself maybe shes in one of those cars and sees me im not the obsessed type dont get me wrong i just wishy i worked things out earlier so now i wouldnt have this big weight on my shoulders that wont ever go away

Ccc777 - April 22, 2012

Go get her! Im that girl w another man… I wish every day i would have worked harder to mature and grow not for the relationship but for myself. I wish i would have changed in time to save the relationship w the man i had planned to marry for 2 years. At one point he ran back … I proved to him i had not yet changed and even though we had a date planned( which was in a few weeks since he moved for work) he met another girl meanwhile ( 6 months after the breakup) said she was the first person that made him forget about me and she reminded him what it was like to have a healthy relationship. So he ended giving us a try again and asked this new girl to be his girlfriend exclusively

20. Jacob Te Moananaui - July 2, 2011

my name is jacob, i feel silly saying this i love my ex heaps i lose sleep over her and she cant get out of my head she said there is alot on her mind and we need a break everytime i see her i just cant help but look at her mezmerized in her stunning beauty me and my good friend stay at her house every weekend and it feels like a piece of me goes away every time i cant hold her in my hands i want to tell her how i feel but everytime i try i stumble I LOVE YOU GRACE NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE IT SEEMS

21. Charly - July 6, 2011

My ex-boyfriend left me almost a year ago. It was the worst time of my life, I felt like giving up completley. Only in the last few months have I managed to pull myself together a bit. But I still love him, so much. He has a new girlfriend now, yet he still meets up with me for hugs, kisses and sex. He says he doesn’t love me anymore, but he will always have a “soft spot” for me. How can he not love me, but act exactly the same with me as he did when we were in a relationship? He’s the love of my life, my soulmate. I can’t live without him. Please help.

22. silk - July 28, 2011

Hi i am 25 and i broke up with my ex three years ago, at first i didnt care i was glad to have gotten rid of him. Anyways i have now been single two years and i find myself thinking more and more about him and wanting to be with him again, btw he has since moved on married and has a son. when him and i met we were both young not ready for relationship, i have grown and now know what it takes to make a relationship work. i hope in the very near future him and i can be back together. Fyi we have children together

23. Help - July 30, 2011

I went out wit thz guy nd a month into our relationshp i heard that he got back wit hs ex..we broke up..nw its 3yrz he wants me back he admits he was foolish nd dat hs feelings 4 me ar stil ther nd é funny thing is that he gives me butterflies.

24. ray ray - August 8, 2011

Ray Ray-august 8, 2011

I guessed you already got the fact that yes i’m still in love with my ex, my first love.we went out for a week before he dumped me for somebody else but we have stayed bestbestbest friends forever and he has always looked after me amongst other things.
we always love to flirt with each other and i love the fact that he always compliments me always calls me sexy and gorgeous beautiful and amazing and lately everything has become very awkward always argueing over little tiny things not talking to each other for days maybe weeks even months at a time, but when things are good we can always talk to each other cuddle up to one another and have a very good time together he knows that I still love him very much and he often says that he loves me to but i think he means it in a friendly way sometimes i often don’t doubt that he definetly means it in a friendly way but i cannot get this amazing man out of my head i think about him every minute of every day pplease help me what do i do??

25. tom - August 9, 2011

i love my ex and cant get over her , hopefully joining the military will help me with these feelings and help me forget what i cant have ….

26. Nick - August 16, 2011

My names nick I’m 18 me and this girl kayla dated for two
years and we started fighting a lot I got acused of something a huge misunderstanding but sometimes I wonder did I? but we stayed together and I tried and tried to get it back to normal finaly she got fed up with everything we both decided to go are seperate ways and she promised me wed be friends and she won’t talk to me now its been 6 months and not a single day has gone by were I haven’t regreted moving or leaving her I have dreams that she come to me smiling with her beutiful smile but no matter the dream I always wake up in the morning with a tear in my eye because I love that girl to death…I kept my promise weres hers?

27. Holly - August 21, 2011

Hai! My name is Holly and I’m 13 and I know your probably going to say kids don’t know love.but me an my ex Giorgio went out for 2 weeks an 4 days I ended it on impulse cause I thought he was making me choose.So we were apart for about 5 days and then we got back together an he dumped me after 5 days.So then I was due for an operation an I thought this time was for sympathy an we went out for about a week.He knows how much I feel for him right now and I’v talked to him but I know he likes me but then this part of my mind tricks me into thinking he’s lying.I cry alot and I don’t know what to do.I’v tried getting over him but it’s impossible.I feel as if he was ‘The One’ could you please help me? Thanks alot for taking the time to read this! Holly x

28. Josh - August 23, 2011

I am still in love with my ex. We split up about 4 years ago and I haven’t had a girlfriend since her. Sure, there have been other girls, but no girlfriends, if you know what I mean? No one is good enough. No one is quite like her, her wit, her intelligence, her sense of humour, and her captivating, elegant beauty. I dream of her, really pathetic lovey dovey dreams too. Walking through the park, holding hands, talking… no naughtiness or anything! But yea, she was brilliant, but was in love with someone else, so we split up. I said some really nasty things, for which there is no apology sincere enough, and no excuse. I pray for guidance, but as for the next step? I just don’t want to scare her off by phoning her, or lose her by not phoning her. I always dream of meeting her by chance in the street, maybe it will happen, but we now live a fair distance from one another, and it’s increasingly unlikely. Maybe she feels the same, maybe she found this page… in which case; I love you Zee! How about a coffee? Josh x

29. anonymous - September 5, 2011

I’ve never actually wrote on one of these before but it looks like you get some amazing advice back.I’m 17 years old and I had a 4 year relationship with my ex which finished a few months back, we’d been through a lot together and gave up things so we could be together. Things were in my eyes perfect last year time but then it all just went wrong and I had not physical but a lot of verbal abuse of him a lot he then stopped me from doing things like going out with my friends or talking to other lads, it all seemed like normal at the time. I loved him and he loved me but things got out of hand and there was a lot of trouble that went on, I finished it with him because I’d had enough of him making me feel down about myself and I just decided to call it a day. He didn’t like it so he decided to send threats and get people to start with me.. Basically he caused me and my family so much crap its unbelieveable! But my feelings for him just won’t go atall:( there always in the back of my mind! And I just wish they’d stop because I carnt carry on feeling this way about such a monster:( please help xx

30. Marley - September 14, 2011

I feel like I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend. I have a new boyfriend and he is the golden catch,however, I can’t seem to forget my ex-boyfriend. It is almost a year and a half since we broke up, yet I miss him terribly. I don’t know what to do. Do I break up with Mr. Perfect to chase an idea of the love I once had, or make it work with the new guy?

31. Jenny - October 20, 2011

Hey my name is Jenny and I was in a relationship with this Guy for 2 years than we broke up :S im not sure if we both wanted to break up and I dont know how that happened but than I tried to move on so I dated this other guy for like 2 weeks but it didnt work.3 months have passed and I cant forget him and I think he might be mad at me for dating this other guy! Help me! What should I do …

32. Rach - October 23, 2011

hey i’m Ronnie and i’m still in love with my ex. the 1st time we were together it was great no problems or anything but then school started back and it was getting a bit more difficult to see each other so he decided to break up. i was rally sad but got with his best mate to annoy him. it worked and before i knew it we were back together. but then one night after a very bad week i decided to have my cousin stay and we opened a bottle of vodka. she new i wasn’t myself and tried to cheer me up but that didn’t work. i came up with the idea to invite somebody in, instead of asking my boyfriend i asked this guy that i knew really liked me. anyway one thing led to another and i ended up cheating on him. i felt so bad. i told him 2 days later what i did and that we shouldn’t b together and he deserves better and all that. we stopped talking after that. months passed and i still had feelings for him. we are back talking now as nothing changed only thing is i still feel like i love him but i don’t think he could ever trust me again

33. niki ozimek - October 26, 2011

ok i am still inlove with my ex i was goin to have his baby but i lost it we was doin so good together and i just want him back someone please help me

34. Christopher! - November 5, 2011

Hello, my name is Christopher.

Me and my girlfriend just broke up, but i still have strong feelings for her. The reason we broke up was because we were 2 widely different people, so we had a long talk about it, and we decided it was best for both of us that we only stayed friends.

The problem is, i still have strong feelings for her, but she says that she doesen’t “feel it” anymore. What should i do?

35. lcarpenter - November 11, 2011

men and women just treat each other good its that simple compromise on things and be rational with your views. love is understanding each other having a friendship, commenting on how beautiful the other looks. as long as you share all aspects of life together good and bad. Then you are in love. if from the begining you never truly felt entirely confident with any aspect of the other person then you should never of got together for any reason. as love blossoms never be jealous or paranoid of what the other is doin or who they are with. Trust is key.

dont toy with peoples feelings and never lead people into a relationship that you never wanted, good luck to all!

36. Angel - November 11, 2011

Okay, My Ex Boyfriend And I Broke Up Recently. So Guess, Im Still Inlove With Him We Used To Be Bestfriends. So But He Told Me He Is Still Inlove With Me But That We Should Just Be Friends Inless It Leads To Another Direction. But I Don’t Want to Be Friends, Even Though Theres Still A Chance We Could Be Together Again, Its Very Uncomfortable At School Since We Have Almost All Classes Together. I Need Advice! How Do I Handle This?

37. debra harrington - November 20, 2011

ihi im still with my ex lance but he is marryed now so i dont know what to do he came by my moms house looking for me wihat can i do

38. debra harrington - November 20, 2011

hi me again look im still in love with lance we have been togeter for 8 years and i dont know what to do i want to see him but i dont if he wants to aee me

39. Cindy - November 23, 2011

Lisa.tel jon wid subtle ways hw u feel. Den find out if he feels d same way.n try 2 stick 2 1 guy 4 awhile

40. steffie - December 14, 2011

i really love my ex i was heart broken for a month and then i changed into a b***h i felt so bad no i love him so much now he dumped me on my aunties funeral cause we were to far away but if u love someone so much you would wait foreva for them

steffie - December 14, 2011

what i mean is i want him back but i have a bf now he cares bout me but i have a feeling that cody cares more

41. Becka - December 14, 2011

Hi, my names Becka and I am 24 years old. I was dating my ex boyfriend for about 4 years. He cheated on me once when we first started going out. I haven’t slept with him because I wanted to wait until I knew we were getting married. But because we grew apart and of our differences k broke it off, and at first I knew I made the right decision and I rejected him when he begged for me back, but now it’s been a year later and he’s dating someone else and wants nothing to do with me. I don’t know what to do, I realized he’s the only one I wanna be with.

42. Skyler - December 17, 2011

hey my name is Skyler and yes i’m a girl -.- and i’m 12 my ex’s name is Isisah and at the moment hes one of my best friends. but he used to be my bf we dated for 1 month and we never talked when we were dating i always tried to start a coversation but he would always freeze up then he broke up with my with a freaking note. i thought i was over him but then we started hanging out and i learned more about him then i realized that i was/am still in love with him, What should i do??

43. shila - December 18, 2011

Hi my name is shila, I’m 18 years old. I think I’m still in love with my ex boyfriend. We used to go out for like 3 months it was goin well ,but he’s one of them guys that are on road a badboy,but he lied about his name his real name wasn’t the name he told me ,I had to find out by his older cousin. Which was soo embarrassing coz I felt like my whole relationship was bullshit. We split ed up. Then we got back together again then we started having arguments after arguments over silly lil things. Then we split ed up once again aint spoke 2 him for 6 months. Then a couple days after my 18th birthday he calls me and tells me shila I love u and miss you this and dat. Then I forgive him. Then he goes to me come see me this I go alright boom I go see him have a nice time and dat. He has never ever took me out,we just go back to his place watch movies and hug up. Then we start arguing again then I found out that he is my older lil cuzzien, then she goes I don’t want u seeing him its not right. But I still went to him I didn’t care coz I loved him. We was talking 3 days ago but since den he aint spoke to me or called me. And It hurts so much cuz I know he aint good for me but I still love him cuz he took my virginity and now I just wanna get over him but its really really hard

44. Ann - December 21, 2011

his name is Bob we are 43 and56. He is still after 7 months apart, the love of my life, and I want him back with all my heart.

45. Freya - December 23, 2011

Hi my name is Freya, I’m 13 yrs old, I’m still in love with my bf. I also like my best friends ex. In which both of them love me with all their hearts. My best friend lives in Alaska and she moving back in like two months, so it’s hopeless with him… But my ex, I’ve been banned from looking at from my parents because they think he hurt me really bad emotionally when it was just me overreacting, he also calle me last night wanting to talk about his big breakup with his most recent gf. He’s a sweet boy and he loves me still too and we both want to get back together but I not allowed to have a bf this year and even if I did go out with him I’d be grounded for life by my mom… I need help deciding on what to do with this relationship and all my friends don’t care about guys so yeah,

46. Pete - December 30, 2011

It’s really very difficult to totally accept advice as black and white advice because all situations are uniquely different. \i’m still in love with my ex after 6 years..My ex is with someone else and I understand ..being younger than me..needed to change his life and it really hurt. But although we have n’t seen each other face to face for these years , we still regularly text and talk..but I avoid telling him how I feel because I do not wish to complicate his relationship. He wants me to meet his new partner…but I find the thought of that difficult. I could quite happily never seeing my ex face to face again but still feel so much love and joy when we communicate.

For me to get over my ex, I would have to cut him off completely and I just can’t do it. I do believe that if you really love someone is should be unconditional…it’s just coping with it that is tough and I refuse to make myself hate him

47. SG - January 13, 2012

after this incident she is was about to change little little. she stated ignoring me. WHAT SHOULD I DO . HELP

48. Lilly - January 16, 2012

I’m almost 15 and I’m still in love with my ex-boyfriend!!!! He broke up with me 2 years ago for no reason!!!! Ever since he broke up with me he has been acting like a total jerk and now he is stalking me!!!!!!! what should i do??????

49. Hali - January 19, 2012

Well here is my story, me and my ex bf have been friends for five, maybe six years and we have dated several times because we still truly love each other but every time I try to talk to him after we break up or if I get another bf he won’t talk to me for about a week (if that). Here recently we have been texting practically non-stop talking about our feelings for each other are still there. I told him I would like to give it another chance and all he said was k… I truly do love him, I can’t breath when I’m around him, and when we hug I wish it would never end, I would love to find out if I should try this again and hope for the best or if I should say forget it and try my best move on….

50. Selenaaa ; ♥ (@selenaaa____) - February 3, 2012

hi, my name is Selena and well my ex’s name is Brayan.
here’s our story, we went out for nine straight months and then we broke up for like a month or at the least three weeks.
after that we got back together as we hit a year we broke up. i was honest with him and told him that some guy had kissed me; and therefore he dumped me. he came back to me but i though i was to good for him so i let him go after three months he found a girl that he really liked and after maybe a five months after i decided that was enough i loved him to much to let him be with her. it just caused me pain! then after seven months of him being with her, he broke up with her and came back to me because we talked everything out but our relationship didn’t managed to work out because she came back into the picture and after a while he said to me “i think we just so usto eachother, that this may not be love anymore” these words burn and became ashes and still in me heart. ever since then i let him be free and fly. he is back with the same girl but he still calls me every 30th to “check up” on me, well that’s his excuse. i’v been knowing this kid for 2years and 9months. i know when he covers thing up with a lie.
my biggest problem is after all the fain and lost love i’m the one still crying over him and still get “butterflies” in my stomic when i’m about to see him or while i’m talking to him. everytime i see him is like the first time i fell in love with him. i’m deeply confuse and no one can give me a better answer than “just forget him.”

51. Die - February 15, 2012

hi there! im Die and my ex’s boyfriends name is Gelo. i know i don’t have any reason to be jealous ’cause everything between the two of us is over. but, i think i’m still really into him. everytime i saw him with another girl, its like im really affected. i just cry in one corner. i know i shouldn’t be affected but my heart is really shattering into pieces. we were together just for 5 months but it seems like that we were together for a very long time. i gave him all my love and my care. and now, i can see him walking with someone else. doing the things that we do with someone else. i just love him so much! </33 –GIE–

52. English - February 21, 2012

You all need to learn how to spell. It was beyond painful to read.

53. Call - March 11, 2012

Hi im not leaving my name but im a 16 year old lad and im still in love with my ex, we were together for a year and nine months we then broke up due to constant arguing. After that i began to get close to other girls hoping i would forget about her…. I didnt, we ended up getting drunk at a party and…… After that we decided to get back together again and it was going really well for the first couple of weeks but suddenly we began to argue again like we used to so we broke up and i am now in a new relationship but i cant stop thinking about her and we keep meeting up to talk but everytime we do my feelings get stronger.

E - May 11, 2012

Try harder with your ex i say

54. suzanne - March 23, 2012

umm hello. my name is susanne. im 15. i know. not quite the age to fall in love but still. i was dating this guy a year ago. we dated for a year and a half. then i broke up cause i lacked trust in him. actually we also got physical during our relationship. so here’s the thing. he was soo hurt after the break up, he went around telling people about the getting physical part.. during our relationship, he turned my friends against me, and then dated another gurl. to get me jealous. i went through a lot of emotional abuse particualrly during that period. but.. even after all that, i cant stop thinking about him all the time. i get jealous when he talks about his gf. ohh yes he’s dating someone. and did i mention. after breaking up with hhm. i stopped dating guys. i dont know.it just didnt seem right. i dont know whats wrong with me. we are friends now. and i want to feel normal and not feel for him again. but he keeps bringing up “us” when we talk. even when he’s dating someone else. i keep feelng we have a chance when he does that. i dont know what to do. please help me. is this relationship worth saving? is it worth winning him back? please help.

55. I just want to be loved - March 30, 2012

I am only young but i still love my ex its so heart breaking to see him with another girl we still hang out and stuff but i always end up emotional i now have new friends and getting happier. But he saved me and always makes me happy. But i cant end the pain and heart break of not being with him.Nothing works. I mean even his touch feels special to me its rediculous i feel like i am going crazy. We have a past and i have issues. But i cant help loving him and it hurts i hate it.

56. I just want to be loved - March 30, 2012

I also do my best to make him happy but it never works. I try so hard and i cant. I cant even be trully happy myself.I am ruining lifes.

57. Madison - April 1, 2012

I am 14 years old and I went out with a guy for 10 and a half months and then he dumped me, and we were in love. And we kinda stopped talkin until now (it’s been 4 months) and now every time we do, we pretty much end up arguing n fighting. I am currently in a relationship… And it’s only been 3 weeks. But yesterday my ex told me he still has feelings for me and I do still love him, but I don’t know what I should do, cuz sometimes it kills me inside when I think about him or talk to him cuz someone is holding on to the past and says I WANT HIM BACK. But I don’t know if he wants me back or would ask and I’m afraid to ask… What should I do!!?

58. Niamh - April 5, 2012

Im 13, im called niamh and my ex is called jack. We went out for like a week then he finished me and said we could still be friends, we where quite close. About a week after he finished me he asked me back out and i said yeah. He told me why he finished me and that was because his friend was taking the piss out of him for going out with me. We went out in secret for about 4-5months then i told my mum about us and he told his friend. We lasted o month or so after we started tellling people. I love him to bits. I know im only 13 and your probs thinking how perthetic. But he was everything. I asked him tonight if he would ever get back with me and he said he didnt know

59. :-) - April 12, 2012

I’m 13, and no I’m not ‘too young’ ok, I feel so crazy about this guy. He was so nice and sweet and he’s the cutest, we dated for two months (short I know) but I was so damn happy then. He ended it in january and I was devastated. After getting home from school I would go straight to bed and cry, this went on for about a week. he meant everything to me, and he knew it. I still feel as strongly about him now as when I did when we broke up two months ago and a part of me feels like I should move on but another part feels like he IS my soulmate and that we would be so perfect. Ugh I just don’t know 😦

60. j - April 18, 2012

I was with my ex for 5 years. we were really young when we got together. He was my first kiss when I was 12, we started dating when i was 14 and at 19 he went away to study… basically he met someone else and took a break. I was physically and mentally ill for months. I didntwant to be a psycho ex, and i was tryingto cope but i did not know how to deal with it. I couldnt breathe, sleep or eat. i just started running, everywhere and pounding my feet into the ground. He moved back home after about a year. I had only just got on my feet and started to have fun. I met a new guy and he was really different and cool. i liked that I wasnt addicted to the new guy and never felt vulnerable around him. my ex got jealous and tried to get me back….it was really hard to resist because i love my ex so much, and every day I miss him. I feel like a bitch, because Im engaged to the secondguy but still completely in love with my ex [even though it has been 4 years]. i miss him terribly but i know i can never go back there, nor can i ever feel the way i feel about him,about anyone else. I am engaged to a really great guy, he is smart, witty, clever, loyal, attractive, hard working…. but my heart belongs to my ex. i don’tknow how to get it back.

61. victoria - April 25, 2012

I am 17. I am not only still in love with my ex…but he was also my bestfriend. I met him when i was in middle school(6th grade). H

62. michelle - May 9, 2012

My ex-boyfriend dumped me 4 months ago after I accused him of seeing someone else and insulting him.I want him back in my life but he refuse to have any contact with me.I was so confuse and don’t know what to do,so I reach to the internet for help and I saw a testimony of how a spell caster help them to get their ex back so I contact the spell caster and explain my problem to him and he cast a spell for me and assure me of 3days that my ex will return to me and to my greatest surprise the third day my ex came knocking on my door and beg for forgiveness.I am so happy that my love is back again and not only that,we are about to get married.once again thank you ultimate spell.you are truly talented and gifted Email:ultimatespelltemple@gmail.com is the only answer.he can be of great help and I will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man ultimatespelltemple@gmail.com

63. E - May 11, 2012

Hi i’m 19 y/o. It’s been nearly 5 months since my ex girlfriend broke up with me.. Apologies for this essay.. We went out for 16 months which made me the happiest person i have been.. Since majority of my childhood has been around verbal and physical abuse due to my stepfather that ‘took care’ of my family.

The start of our relationship went great and it was so nice to felt that kind of hapiness for the first time. Long story short, throughout the 16 months we were together; her mother never really liked me and would always accuse me and disown me of hurtful things such as not having my license (which i eventually got) and stealing alcohol even though i don’t drink! And she didn’t like me because i didn’t really drink but they did.. At the same time, my mum and stepdad were heading through a divorce which on my side, was hard as i had to help my mum around the house more and pay for some bills etc.

At the start of January 2012 on the third week, my parents divorced and three days later she broke up with me – her reasons being that i would always have to be around my mum to help her out and that she wasn’t feeling as important.. I was speechless and devastated. I never did drugs, or was abusive to her nor even cheated behind her back. All i ever done was loved and adore her as much as i could while i balanced university studies and my family issues.

We talked it out after a week and we both said hurtful things such as my ways of balancing uni, family and her wasn’t good enough and i didn’t try hard enough even though i did. We were about to get back together as i picked her up from a party and dropped her home. The next day she changed her mind as she told her mother which in response said: “If you ever go out with him again, i will kick you out of the house and disown you as my daughter!” — i had to hear that from her best friend as she wouldn’t say it to me. I wasn’t going to give up so i still talked to her and she said we should wait till the end of the semester and i said of course i would.. Everything went fine, until the day she was at her new(ish) work and i texted her saying “good morning, i hope you have a good day! Please take care:)” in response she said — “i think we need to move on and stop talking to each other.” i was heartbroken again.. All i could say was ‘oh okay.. Take care’

I was already getting a maximum of 5 hours sleep each day since the start of the year, and 5 months on and it’s still the same. I had the urge to text her yesterday saying if she’s okay. I found out she has a new boyfriend.. 😦 i’m still deeply inlove with her and i just wish that one day she would just send me a text saying she misses me.. If anything happened to her, i would be there to take care of her in a heartbeat. I’m losing my mind and i’ve been crying once a day since the breakup. What can i do..?

64. toya - May 16, 2012

Hi my name is Toya and I’m 23. It’s been nine months since my ex dumped me we were together for a year and a half, I was devastated when it happened. I’ve tried many ways to get over him. I would meditate, pray, talk to other guys it wouldn’t go away my love for him just got stronger. After the break up I stopped talking to him for a while. He contacted me but I was still upset at him for dumping me. Sometime after that I contacted him and we’ve been talking and hanging out ever since. He show no signs of wanting to be with me “Just best friends” he says while I’m sitting there agonizing in pain. I will admit I did treat him kinda bad, now I know how to love him now I know more about how to treat him I pray that he could give us another chance….We’ve been talking and hanging out two and half months you think he would say something about be with me or not…I can’t wait forever. Now I’m thinking about withdrawing myself away from him because my feelings are so strong and he has a habit of text girls infront of my face who he says are “friends” I don’t know what to do I feel that I should move far away to forget him and everything connected but I have a solid job here and jobs are hard to find in the economy I feel I want to leave and then i don’t. I don’t know why inside of me thinks that some kind of miracle is going to happen and he’s gonna want me back and propose to me sometimes I think I’m just plain stupid for the things I dream up 😦

65. Aaron - May 22, 2012

Alright, I’m aaron and I’m still so in love with my ex, depressing times haha be alright, anyway I went out with her when I was 14 I believe and I dumped her when I was 16 after she betrayed my trust by telling my mum something personal of mine…..I’m 20 now and after 4 years away from her I still feel the same about her, love her man! And the thing is I understand we were young back then and we both had so many family problems going on it just got in the way of our relationship, but now I’ve gone threw some hard times in life and have grown up, the fact I still love her is just crazy 2 me! But yet all I want is her, I need her in my life again, however, we lost contact after I moved away at age 17, then 2 years ago we got back in contact and started talking on the phone and building up a friendship…..things were going good but she randomly stopped calling me and her phone is never on, confused I am….as yoda would say haha, but anyway the point is I’m moving back 2 my home town after 3 years away and its very likely I will bump into her again and I’m just wondering, what do I do….

66. Christopher - May 22, 2012

Hello everyone, my name is Chris. My ex girlfriend broke up with me more than 3 years ago. She’s dated a few people, I’ve dated a few people, but I am very much still in love with her. I still feel as if she’s my destiny. I am 21, and we dated all throughout High School. From freshman-senior year. Why am I still feeling this way when I know she just wants to remain friends? We still talk, we still hang out and have fun together, but I want it to be more than that, I was our happiness to be together once more. I want her…

67. Gerry - May 23, 2012

Hi.My name i Gerry. I’m 19. I had a perfect relationship with a perfect girl for 2 years. I liked many other girls but I never was in a relationship with them because they weren’t the perfect girl for me. But my ex, she was “the one”. Anyways, couple of months ago, she started to act funny. She was pushing me away. I could feel that she had bored because couldn’t see each other because of our school times. And she ended it almost 2 months ago. I didn’t know what to do, and so I did stupid things and broke her heart after that. But I still love her so much. I know somewhere deep down inside her she still feel things for me, I know her. But I don’t know exactly what to do. After I made her mad 2 weeks ago, I said her that I will leave her alone for a couple of weeks and give her space. I don’t want her to come back to me so quickly, I don’t care even it takes years for her to come back to me. For now, I just want her to be friendly, I want her not to feel bad things about me. Can you give me some advice?

68. Long - May 29, 2012

Look at all the comments. Is this a confession site ? Lol. Anyways, I broke with my ex last year and I cant move on…. I rejected every1 else, hoping tat 1 day my ex would contact me. When she did, idk how to reply. We texted and I said sth like ‘we can be in good terms’ then she stopped textin. I know I said sth wrong thre. I still love her. What shud I do ?

69. Dana - May 29, 2012

Hi , My name is Dana
I’m 19 years old , Kuwaiti half Russian

I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for about 3 years and we broke up last year ,, he’s more like the hard tough guy , like if we had a fight , any stupid fight , that means we are no longer together , and i think our breakup was that way , after having some stupid fight we didn’t talk to each other any more .. the problem is that we are both so stubborn , but i always end up talking to him and apologizing ,, I’m not saying he didn’t love me , he did i know he did , like for example he was studying abroad in Egypt and the internet connection there was really bad , he used to get online and wait for hours just to talk to me and ask about my day ,, like he would call for the technician guy a hundred times a day to fix the net connection , he came back home just to see me ! ,,
so after the crazy things happened in Egypt , the embassy took him back home , and i was worried sick about him ,, that time we were not together , so he came home , he didn’t even call or text or anything ! he just hated me for no reason !!
when i told him i love him he screamed like DON’T LIE TO ME !
i don’t know what got into him , i tried talking to him too many times then i felt like I’m throwing my self at him so i stopped trying , and we haven’t talk ever since , so now im completely in love with him and all i ever think about is him ! i wanna tell him how i feel and win him back , i really cry every day just looking at his pictures and stalking him on FB ,, i know it seems crazy but i don’t know what else to do im madly in love with him , please tell me what i should do .

70. Annoymous - June 9, 2012

After 5 years of my life, with the man of every woman’s dreams, i decided i needed to do more with my life, to explore and have an adventure of my own. I know i am still in love with my now ex boyfriend, he has moved on, he wants marriage and children. I am travelling around the world and he still the only man on my mind, i think about him everyday. We just don’t fit. We are so different that although we could be together for i know he still loves me too. What is the point of prolonging the agony of another spilt. I know that my insecurities come from my parents relationship and it has screwed me up. We have nothing in common and never have, we were just blissfully happy in love. I went away before and we stayed together doing long distance which was the hardest thing of my life. Thats why i had to end things this time. I am the fool? I am just searching for something that is right in front of me?

71. Lost - June 13, 2012

i still love my husband we havent talked in a long time he wont give me the time of day. i went on about my life and had 1 child and another on the way with another man, who i also live with but i cannot stop thinking about my husband and i dream about him, we were madly in love and i cheated in 2010 and he left me we were gonna get back together but i had a surprise in my belly and once he found out he pretty much quit talkin to me, we are still married and even though im pregnant and have a beautiful son he is always on my mind ALWAYS, its driving me nuts im trying to move on but something is holding me back

72. Lindsey - June 20, 2012

Hi I’m Lindsey and I am 13 and I know that 13 year old relationships don’t last but this one is different or was different. I mean I shared my first kiss with this guy. I don’t know if i still love him or not. Of course everyone thinks that 13 year olds can’t actually love another person but its possible or we just have very strong feelings. Anywho this guy and I lasted for 8 months! Which I thought was an amazing 8 months but when him and I broke up, he said the relationship was terrible and that he only kept us going so he would know what a horrible relationship was like! It hurt so much! I cried almost every night. I got asked out by guys that I have liked forever and I said no to them because I hurt so much. I felt like i was used in a way. I am still not in a relationship but the guy I dated was in a new relationship a week after we broke up. I still think about him all the time. I think about the memories we had. I think about everything. I try to figure out what I did wrong and everything hurts. He trusts me for some reason and considers me his almost his “sister.” He tells me everything about his relationship now and of course that would be painful! If only you could imagine. I give him advice and stuff like that to be a great friend. And now I like this one guy who is my ex’s best friend! My ex said I can’t date him and that if I did date his best friend he wouldn’t be friends with either of us…. I dont know what to do…

73. Amber - June 30, 2012

My name is Amber and I’m 17. I broke up with my boyfriend because he was cheating on me with several girls. It’s been almost 2 months since our break-up and I’m still in love with him. He is currently in a relationship he clearly doesn’t want to be in. There is still chemistry between us according to me and so many other people. This actually makes sense because we became “friends” again in no time and he still talks to me about deep personal stuff. What should I do?

74. Lilian - July 2, 2012

Well, I don’t really kniow how my ex and I met…. It just happened. So we were friends for a while and we both liked each other. The problem was that my sister wouldn’t allow us to date because she thought he was a bad person and blah blah blah.
To be honest, I knew he was a player but I still had hope.
Eventually we started dating secretly…. The relationship was good for a while then I realized I wasn’t really interested anymore. But my feelings always changed when he texted or called me first, which he did often. In just a month of being together, I broke up with him twice and he broke up with me once, but we still spoke and understood each other and we got back after each break up.
We were alone one evening and for the first time ever, he looked deep into my eyes and told me he was in love with me. I didn’t know what to say. Eventually, I screwed up the whole night by laughing… I know he felt bad and I apologized for about a week.
After 1 month and a couple of weeks of being together, I confessed to him that the feelings I had for him had started fading.. So I broke up with him again.
Since then, we’ve not got back….
I am still in love with him and I don’t know what to do.

75. net - July 4, 2012

What. If u said something about him now what will he still take me back

76. Sigwalt - July 4, 2012

Hi, I just dont have any idea to put this up, I have friends who keep telling me get over her but this is the story.
I met this girl at a friends birthday party a year and half ago, we clicked and went out and were in relationship for something like 7-8 months, we were intimate and used to talk and meet and share, though we had decided wel never make promises to each other because they break, i wished we had. We were good, happy couple, till she started going off contact and everything like slowed down. She stopped contacting, after months we met, she had nothing to say. I told her I love her she went away. its almost past just under a year now and till today I am in search of answer. I work at a resort while shes airport rep for another one far from mine. I long to see her some day but airport is like far, her all contact numbers have gone off, friends arent helping and she has blocked me on facebook.
I simply refuse to let any girls in my life cos I feel I still belong to her.

Feel so helpless, If today she could read this I would tell her il do whatever it takes to keep her happy, that I love her, I always will.

I dont know how to go on guys, I called up her work place and even left contact no. there but i never got any response.

77. Arlina - July 5, 2012

Hi mi name is arlina im 20 and im still in love with my ex. I dont date much and i take relationships too seriously :/, i used to be kinda careless with my ex’s until this one came around.. It was partly my fault and it was also partly hers that the relationship messed up. Ive tried to communicate but she’s non- respondent. Been tryna move on but i still feel this love in my heart, its too strong :s too strong to wrap my brain around but its life and life could be the “b” word. I wish i still had a chance so many things i would like to do to fix thing i dont like just throwing away something special ii like fixing it. She has no idea what she put me thru.. And how much i miss her :(. Im an idiot though and she was right the whole time :/.

78. Ali - July 16, 2012

My name is Ali. 18 years old went out with my Girl Friend for about 1.5 years. Great relationship. I lied about some thing stupid like my grades but the small lies kinda piled up over time, she and me did have fights but we always forget about about and laugh it out. We have been broken up for 7 months (Dec 1, 2011 when we broke up). I pleaded her twice after few weeks from the break up. She made it clear that she would never date me ever. Her friends said that she missed me on the first month then she started saying stuff like i was good but why did i lie. After that she started liking some one so did i but never dated anyone. She us to follow me on my blog and i followed her, about 3 weeks ago she wrote “Ive had several very good days, but I think the best one was when my (now ex) boyfriend met me at the airport after I returned from a week long trip. Wed been dating for about half a year and I came out of the baggage claim room and he was there and it was so nice being surprised and seeing him and hugging him even though it hadnt been that long”. Then she started to like all my facebook post i made and last week she blocked me of facebook(Like WTF) .Mind you we haven’t talked at all after i asked to work things out and last time i talked to her was end of May (2 months ago) where i told her i was sorry and said that i had family issues. Last Friday i bumped into her, I was exhausted so i slept on the bus then woke up and saw her still sitting across from me so i got out as fast as i could. My buddy from my soccer club told him that she bumped into me but didn’t know if i noticed her or not. So please folks i need help, like i started to put effort on my own self, I’ve been doing full marathons, soccer and amateur boxing, and i have made countless efforts to get over her but i think that their still might be a bit of hope. Thanks in advance 🙂

79. Deeply Confused - August 18, 2012

I’d rather not say my name but I think I’m still in love with my ex. We were dating for about 4 months and I suppose he was my love. He is somewhat a player but he has a bad family life so i understood his intentions. His girlfriend before me was a complete bitch and he depended on me emotionally, so we had an emotional connection. He dumps me for no reason so i avoid him so i wouldn’t get too upset. Lately we have become real close, this is after about 3 or so months only to find out why. The girl before me had blackmailed him by threatening his family, sorry but i cant stand people’s pain. So I got a new boyfriend recently, except i seem to worry about my ex’s emotional balance. I don’t have the same instant connection with my boyfriend, now. But I still worry about my ex. He was there for me emotionally and never pushed me not even into anything physical. But lately he has been pressuring me to kiss my boyfriend and I’m just not ready. I need to know if I might still have a connection to my ex, but i cant seem to muster the strength to admit it to myself. I am so confused about everything, I’ve never been sane about anything, until now. My ex hasn’t dated another girl since and I need to know if i could possibly might be still in love with my ex. Before I do something I will regret.

80. Lira - August 23, 2012

Hi I am Lira. I can say that I am still in love with my ex despite the 4 years of being apart. We’ve been in a relationship for almost seven months. He is my first boyfriend, first love and I think I can’t get over him since then. If I saw him, I want to kiss him, hug him. I want us to be back together. Relive the romance before. But I can’t do anything. I want to talk to him and ask what he feels about me also. But my pride won’t dare me to do so. I am always taking aback because of that stupid pride. I guess I am ready to accept even if he tell me that he doesn’t love me anymore. I just want to tell him what I feel to make me feel better. What will I do?

81. Alicia - August 30, 2012

My name is Alicia and I am 21 years old. My ex and I dated 2 years ago for 5 months and then we broke up because he initiated that we should both try to be single in college and it was pretty much a mutual break up even though he initiated it. We have remained friends since then and he dated another girl for a little bit but they have been broken up for 2 months now and we have been talking a lot more than we usually do. I find myself only thinking about him and falling back into love with him again but I don’t think he wants to date me right now. We have had the discussion suggested above but I am still confused about what he wants even though he says he feels the same way I do. I feel stuck and uncertain about how to talk to him and what he is thinking in terms of me and dating again. ANY ADVICE??

82. betty - September 19, 2012

ok my ex is married and so am i but i think about my ex 24-7 and i just dont know what to do i know im still in love with him but what do u think i should do should i leave it alone or move near him and try and prusue things

betty - September 19, 2012

and the sad thing is is that its been over 6 years

83. Cody - November 11, 2012

My story is a bit different from all of these on here but maybe some one can help. My ex and I got together and were very in love for about 10 months. then I started having feelings for an old crush but I didnt cheat on her because I was very in love with her and i would never hurt her. Then she got jealous and cheated on me. I got very upset when i found out and lashed out in anger(i yelled at her) and told her it was me or him. But she chose him. That was about a year and a half ago and im still very in love with her and blame myself for us breaking up. i want her back but she is still with the other guy and i dont know what to do. it is making me very depressed not being able to be with her and i need help. i would like to remain anoymous but u can call me Cody if u need to.

84. Cody - November 11, 2012

looking at arlina’s story though, i can see we have some of the problems. we both are still very in love with our ex and blame ourselves for the breakup. i know how you feel arlina, im going through the same things. i understand you completely.

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